My name is Adam. I'm a Silesian UX designer from Katowice, Poland. My profession is the result of my personal passions and previous professional experience - in architecture, graphics, frontend development and marketing. Currently, I specialize in designing extensive e-learning platforms for international companies, mainly for the British and American market.

What is UX to me

For me, good design guides the user step by step, gives him clear messages about his possibilities, but at the same time does not distract with their excess.

The message should be very simple. "Now do this, now do that, correct it, accept it. And now ... Done, it's all right!" I call this hand-guiding just like a parent leads a child by the hand. Importantly, these key messages do not have to be text, because the next steps may be prompted by, for example, a specific color or position of selected elements.

Great importance should be paid to commonly available and expected by users experience in using similar application interfaces or device interfaces. That is why it is so important to constantly follow the current trends of interactive behavior, as well as to find places in the interface that are difficult for users to help them go through them quickly and without doubts. This is the greatest joy of working as a UX designer.
Our team

The Like the User website aims to present UX in the simplest possible way - what it is, how to conduct research and benefit from it. Like the User is also a group of User Experience enthusiasts in various areas of life.

Natalia, Robert and Adam - each of us with a different experience, from journalism through industrial design to urban planning. We met while working on improving the usability of one of the networks of city web portals, creating the UX City Team there.

We are characterized by a broad view of the topic in question. When considering the user experience, we like to go far beyond the internet and the purely visual impressions. For us, the touch of the product, the informative context and the space around the user are equally important.

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