Bad UX design example


Non-functional, but also simply dangerous.
Front door
Norman Door

Well, very confusing, right?
Directional sign
Non-functional designation

Okay ... Which way do I go ...
Elevator navigation
Elevator navigation panel

It must be admitted that it is difficult to find a more complicated interface.
House plan
Bad house plan

This fictional architectural design perfectly illustrates what a bad user interface design would be if you wanted to live in it.
Good UX design example

Turn, pull, push ...
An example of a good design

And nothing else is needed! The design of the handles on these doors is not only intuitive, but also difficult to use incorrectly. A perfect example of a good UX.

Image source: Marion, CF, Pixel Fridge

What is SX?
Spacing Experience is a new type of users experience research (User Experience UX) which, in addition to research on the experience of learning (Learnig Experience LX) or the purchasing process (Customer Experience CX), focuses on the space around a person, regardless of the type of space in which they move.
What is the UX work for a UX designer?
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