Recognition of the target group of a particular application is crucial for the product to be tailored to its requirements. Therefore, UX research is focused on users to get to know them as much as possible and prepare optimal solutions for them.

Each time the goal is to understand the problems of users to whom the product or service is directed. Research is based on observing potential customers in their natural or close to natural environment while using the application.

To achieve this, these studies are based on the experiences of real users as well as models of hypothetical people and behavior scenarios. UX research can be carried out at every stage of the application's life - from the design process, through production, to its already implemented, active form.
Types of UX research

Personas are created on the basis of research as well as statistical and demographic data. These are hypothetical representations of app users whose characteristics represent larger groups of users.

Thanks to personas, you can build and learn about the pattern of behavior, as well as understand the goals, needs and fears of users in contact with the app, so that it is maximally suited to their requirements.

The heatmap study allows you to determine which areas of the app are most frequently viewed or clicked by users. The result of the study is a detailed report that graphically shows the zones that attract attention (warm colors) and those that are ignored (cold colors).

Heatmaps enable the detection of critical factors negatively affecting user activity, and consequently their effective improvement.

A/B tests
Conducting A/B tests gives the answer which variant of the app layout better meets the tasks set for it.

Different users are presented with different views of the same app pages - with a different arrangement of elements, with different text or graphics content. The test result shows which group of users is going through this part of the app correctly and in the intended way (increase in conversion).

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