Your active product

You will recognize the weaknesses of your finished product or service - web or mobile application for example. Fixing these elements will allow you to increase conversion, e.g. reduce the bounce rate, thanks to which your product will become more effective. You will get answers to many questions bothering you, such as "why don't users click on this element?".
Product in production

You will be able to improve the functionality of your product even before it's released. In the case of a web apps, UX tests may concern any selected fragment of the developed app according to the scenario set for the user. Observation of the user's behavior will protect your app against important errors in its usability before it is published.
Why is it worth researching usability

Get to know your product through the eyes of its users
If you are not satisfied with your product or think it could be better, the decision to test it for the user experience is the best possible decision.

UX research will answer the question of how users of your product evaluate the experience with it. You will receive precise recommendations for changes, which will give you a new, more complete look at your current product and will allow you to make good decisions.

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How UX tests are conducted
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